Author`s Teddy-Bears by Bespalova Katya

Dear friends!

You have always dreamt of creating a toy by yourself but didn’t know what to start with? Or perhaps you already have an experience in creating a handmade toy and would like to know which techniques I use while making my toys? If your answer is “yes” then this offer is for you!

I invite you to take part in my online learning courses. Each course will be devoted to making one toy. Each course will be divided into several lessons. They will consist of detailed written instructions in Russian or English, photo and video materials. 

The great advantage of the courses is that you don’t have to be online at a definite time.  You can address the materials whenever you have free time to do your homework.  During the course I will always be there, ready to help you. After each lesson there is a section where you will be able to ask questions, exchange opinions with the rest of the group and upload your pictures of what you have already done.

If you have any questions regarding the courses, email to

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